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Morser Karl Gerat track question.


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I am about to begin a project to build a Morser karl Gerat on it's rail transport cars. The instructions for the kit show the suspension as raised for transportation, which is understandable, but they also show the tracks as sagged between the upper idlers and tight up against the road wheels? Surely the tracks would have sagged when the suspension was raised?


I'm hoping someone here will have some reference to prove or disprove my theory please?

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According to this Panzer Tracts book on the Karl, the tracks were flush with the bottom of the road wheels, held in place by turnbuckles to the upper portions of the track, (above the return rollers). This was presumably done to keep tracks from dragging along the rails, as clearance was an issue.





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Thanks Kevin for the advice there. I don't suppose there's a pic in the book you could PM me? I think to accurately achieve the sag I'll need to go for some aftermarket tracks? I assume the picture you've put up is the 54cm Barrel?


Martin, the build has begun. I can't promise too much, I'm really an aeroplane guy, hence no research material at hand for this little project.


Happy New Year all.

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