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S.M.79 – II „Sparviero” 1:48 Trumpeter

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S.M.79 - II "Sparviero" 1:48 Trumpeter
Just for relaxation and to de-stress in the break between building PZL P.24B and LWS-6 "Żubr" and renovation at home, I threw on the workshop such a quick project almost straight out of the box. Model S.M.79-II "Sparviero" in 1:48 from Trupeter and from the extras are:
-YAHU MODELS - YMA4840 Instrument panel
-MONTEX - Maxi mask MM 48026
-PART S48-121 exterior
-EDUARD Seatbelts Italy

The model has been known for years so only these photos to start with go. By the way this will be such a tease to paint the Italian camouflage while waiting for the call from the shop that my S.M.79 "Sparviero" model from EDUARD in 48 is now available for collection.



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Pre-assembled cabin interior including instrument panel from YAHU and belts from EDUARD.

p.s. Thanks for the kind words and help, especially the photo because I saw some interesting things there.




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With a small interlude the work continues, preparation for painting. But with this interlude I will boast because such an interlude is a challenge and a very big one. I had to postpone everything for the express construction of the Polish aircraft TS-11 "Iskra" in 1:72 as a birthday present for the pilot who made his first flight on it.


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A bit of fun and the torpedo including the mount is almost ready, one will be suspended and the other on a trolley. This is my plan. And here I have a small problem, namely how to paint the torpedo? I'm asking because I have several different versions and I don't know which is the correct one. And the next problem is does anyone have drawings of the transport trolley for the torpedo? I would be extremely grateful.


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