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ICM 1:35  WW2 British Army Mobile Chapel


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 WW2 British Army Mobile Chapel (35586)




Catalogue number 35586

Price: around 45,50€


ICM has distinguished itself in the world of modeling for several reasons, including the quality and originality of its themes.

Today we have precisely one of the new very original kitsA British Army Mobile Chapel.

The model is a modified version of the G7107 WWII Army Truck that was release in 2021 but it´s the first time for us at Large Scale Model.


The Chevrolet G 7100 Truck, 1 1/2-Tons, 4×4 was a short truck, just 4,38 m long from bumper to bumper, for 1,99 m in width and 1,93 m in hight, as much as a standing tall GI. It weighted just 2,100 kg, its nomenclature weight corresponding to its empty, body-less chassis jauge. Its useful Payload took place on its rear flatbed, of 800 kg (Ibs). The latter was enclosed in a classic folding panels, hinged below, and secured by simple revolving pins and chains, to avoid accidental release after vibrations on a bumpy roads.


The 7100 was powered at the front by a Chevrolet BV1001, 6-cylinder in-line with overhead valves, gasoline-fed for a total capacity of 3,858 cc, or 72 horsepower. It was capable to giving the truck unladen a top speed, of a flat road of 80 km/h, for an operational range of 430 km. These figures varied with some specialized models.

History : https://truck-encyclopedia.com/ww2/us/Chevrolet-G506-7101-1.5-ton-4x4-truck.php


 The package is the usual from ICM, with flip top cardboard with a separate card lid showing the artwork, a lovely artworks as usual.






All the plastic sprue are in two plastic bags with the clear parts in other plastic bag inside, in a total of 286 parts.

Checking the plastic parts, the injection markings are very subtle and mainly in places that will be hard to see when build. It’s evident that ICM made the home work to make modeler live easier.

 The construction looks quite straightforward starting with the main chassis in several parts. Here the alignment must be crucial so that all the construction could be done in the correct stand.








The detail on the chassis is quite complete with leaf-springs fore and aft, cross-braces and rear towing eye the rear bumper irons, fuel tank, transfer casing and front axle.







To add up even more detail, a very good OOB engine is given. Only wires are missing. You can make a hood open with all of the detail showing OOB and it will be outstanding. THAT is to show how good the detail is directly from the box.










The cabin interior is quite complete with a nice dashboard, pair of levers, gear stick and hand-brake on the floor, three foot pedals and the steering wheel.








Now, the new part: The chapel.

 It is made in modular parts with separate panels, with great fitting, knowing ICM latest releases. All doors are molded separately, giving the option to the modeller to leave them open, that might be useful for some diorama ideas.






The level of detail into the interior of the chapel is quite good with  religious artefacts a pulpit and piano.






The modular design facilitates customization, enabling modelers to depict the chapel in various configurations, not only the one that is proposal by ICM…

A first for me in ICM kits: The wheels are not vinyl!!! Perfect!! Now that’s the way! I still prefer in resin but if you don’t want to spend some extra money, you can use these one with great detail and with easy painting and weathering.




The decal sheet gives only marking option. Is a very small one with some markings, religious phrases, piano keyboard and a part of the bible.





The clear parts are exquisite and no distortions and perfectly clear.




The instructions booklet with 28 pages, is typical ICM instructions, very clear.













The only thing negative, for me, is the colour chart with ICM colour only.




Well, another great mode kit from ICM!!  This 1:35 WW2 British Army Mobile Chapel stands as a testament to the company's commitment to excellence in scale modeling.

The lowdown, at least until a massification sales worldwide, is the colour indication, with only ICM colour, each are new and, for example, I never see how they work and how easy its to work with them.

Whether displayed as a standalone piece or integrated into larger dioramas, the mobile chapel serves as a poignant reminder of the human dimension of conflict and the importance of faith in times of adversity.

Highly recommend 

It`s 9,8 out of 10.

A great kit with very good detail even has plastic wheels; Downside: the colors indication.


My sincere thanks to ICM for making this fantastic model kit.





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I recently read a fascinating book detailing the war of an English Vicar who was called up to be the Chaplain of the Derbyshire Yeomanry.

They went out to North Africa and eventually to Italy, Seeing some serious fighting in both locations.

His services were often in the open air or a tent. Sometimes off the back of a truck or Jeep.

He would have been over the Moon to have one of these!

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