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ICM 1:48 WWII Japanese Pilots and Ground Personnel


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WWII Japanese Pilots and Ground Personnel

 (Catalogue number: 48053)

Price Tag: 11€


ICM is a quite prolific model manufacture, releasing AFV, Airplane and figures and now in 1:48.


This set is n 1:48, perfect to be aside their Ki-21 that appear on the box art of this set.


This set gives you five figures, in the poses that you can see in the box, and a small ladder.




All parts have no flash at all, and the surface detail is the best I ever seen from ICM


This set is brand new and you can tell te improment of the mold work with very sutble details on the cloths and on the faces with less seam line from the mold.





It´s quite notice the improvement work made form ICM!

The figures have the torso in one piece without arms or legs as they are separated







Well done ICM!


No assembly instructions are given… but if you look carefully we see the parts numbers on the figures. So there´s is assembly instructions.






You can really get a very good figure from this set, using all together or just one as the posture could be used in several other scenario with their Ki-21 Sally or any other 1:48 Japanese aircraft.

There a lot of possibilities with this set  to make your 1:48 Japanese aircraft stand on the next model show or week meeting club.


Great Work ICM! Keep Then coming!



Our sincere thanks to ICM for making this fantastic figure set.




       Francisco Guedes




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