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Produce your own paint masks while on holiday.

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My wife and I live in Mullion, on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, it is a great Holiday destination and we own a caravan that we let to the public. It is housed at the Mullion Holiday park, part of the "Park Dean" empire, but our prices are a bit cheaper smile.pngSWMBO runs the booking of the caravan via her web site JEM Holidays http://www.jemholidays.com/


I am offering a set of Paint masks to any modeller who books a week in the caravan. The idea is that you come and visit the Miracle Paint Masks "empire", either bringing with you or emailing me details of your project and you draw the masks and then cut them. During your time with me you will get a Cornish cream tea (that's worth a tenner!) and a bacon butty.


I will guide you through the drawing and cutting  processes and you will be able to have a go using paint masks as well. It depends on the project that you wish to accomplish as to how long it will take, but allow a "working day". I'm afraid that there isn't space to accomodate a family and unless your wife/husband is into scale modelling then it won't be much of a day for them. However there are beaches close by and there is the chocolate factory and Mullion harbour. Flambards has been sold to a Yank, so that should get a makeover and may well be worth a visit; so there are other activities that the other half and kids can do. If any of your kids are interested then I would be willing to accomodate them as well, but please remember that unless they are interested then they may get bored very quickly and I would hate to have to fight.gif I do have an xbox in the complex though smile.png


OK, that is the idea and I would like to know if any of you think that this is a good idea and if anyone is interested. I might decide that I have biten off more than I can chew but I'm willing to give it a go if you are smile.png

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