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1:32 Hasegawa P47D "Slick Chick"


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Pit clean and tidy, blast tubes added and landing gear set.  Nav and recognition lights 


Next steps:

Antenna, mirror, pitot, drop tank and ordnance to be added.  Brake lines need to adjusted, wheels weathered...closer yet.


Apologizes for iPhone pic.



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What's up after this beauty?

Thanks Matt.


Next is tear down bench and rebuild.  Most likely to resume around late June.



Ju88 G1/G6 Mistel 2 - finish

Typhoon - finish

FW190C - finish

Tamiya Mossie from delivery to bench

DH.9 Greek - assumption WNW GB will be 2 seater

Ju388 Conversion

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  • 3 weeks later...

thanks Dave.


they're real cute until they start shooting at you!  :)


thanks Nick, these last few months have been a complete blur.




let's hope that detail shows, thanks.


keeping my fingers crossed for success, thanks.

Meticulus detailing!!! I love it!!!

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The old P-47 looks like a pit bull with wings and an engine up front...and you have captured this brilliantly Rick - awesome job mate!

Cheers Dennis.


Very nice finish! But I´m missing rivets Rick :-)


Cheers, Jan

Thanks Jan.  A rivet project will be in my future.


Yes , at this scale would rivets really should not miss, especially with so nice buildings. I absolutely agree.

Regards, Newkeny. ;)

Coach me up.  :)


Superbly done

Cheers and thank you.

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