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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Hear Ye, Hear Ye... A couple important announcements regarding Group Builds...

Dave J

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Hi All,


Just a couple of small announcements regarding a couple Group Builds...


Just a reminder that you all have 55 days till Arrow Wolf's Focke Wulf build ends... So you all better get cracking with your Wugers!


Since there has been a great response to the these Manufactures Group Builds.. Grant at Arrow Wolf is kindly going to sponsor another one... The manufacture this time will be Junkers! This will kick off straight after the Focke Wulf GB on April 1st.


And last an not least.. We will be having a WWII Eastern front  Armour Group Build! Kicking off on April 1st also!


The areas will be opened up very shortly for you guys to start planning builds etc.. Looking forward seeing what you guys put forward.


That is all!

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I hope so too Rick! Love to see a few AIMS sets pulled out for it too


I will be planning to do one... haven't decided if it will be a BoB A-1 or an Russian Front A-4 that I do...

This may turn into a Ju88 double build for me.  Ju88 Mistel 2 (to go with my FW190A8) and either a C1 or C2.  This is gonna be a great GB.


*will need a GB Ruling on the Mistel 2 as I started cleaning the resin conversion parts.

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