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Diorama: "The Boys of Summer"


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After much deliberation I've decided to do a Kursk Diorama.  I was originally going to do something from Kharkov but I don't think I'm up for snow and mud in a diorama yet.  The scene will depict a pause in the battle to plan the next attack.  On 11 July 43, "Leibstandarte" would attack two fortified hills blocking the unit's push to Prochorovka.  The heavy fighting to clear these hills would set the stage for the epic tank battle the following day.




What I've got so far for vehicles is the Tamiya Sdkfz. 250 Halftrack.  This will be built without the radio aerial.  After some study I've discovered that during this time frame many of the HT's in the PzG Regiment featured field installed weapons for more firepower so I'll be adding an "ad-hoc" 37mm gun on this vehicle.


I'll be using figures from this set and possibly others once everything is finalized:






I'll be adding another vehicle but I haven't decided on whether I want a tank or a soft or a soft skinned vehicle, Horch command car, etc.

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After putting some the figures together I've come to the conclusion that newer Dragon figures and vintage Tamiya figures cannot co-exist on the same diorama,  The Dragon figures make the older Tamiya figures look like blobs of clay.  Well not that bad, but still.


Doing some more studying on the attack on Hill 252.2, it appears that the LAH grenadiers were supported by Tigers and Stugs in the attack, which narrows my vehicle choices down to these two for the second vehicle in the diorama.  I'm leaning towards the Tiger since I have a Tamiya early production Tiger in the stash and the decals to do "411".

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