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1/35 USA Air Compressor


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1/35 USA Air Compressor


Mirror Models


Catalogue Number 35050

Available direct from LZ models at €TBA


Here we have a brand new addition to the growing range of kits from Mirror Models in the form a beautifully rendered replica of the Kellogg compressor used both militarily and by civilians during and after WW2.


The kit actually contains two full kits, presented in a sealed plastic bag measuring 150 x 250mm.




Each sprue contains 21 parts to build one Compressor. Here you can see both sides of the Sprue. The wedge shaped parts are actually the bed sides for the wrecker.




The Instructions are presented in Black and White on a double sided slip of paper.






Having built one of these already as part of my Diamond T Wrecker Build, I can confirm the fit is pretty good. I actually used a drop of Mr Surfacer around the leg to cylinder joint, and took my time sanding the end of the cylinder, part K1 to blend it into the cylinder itself.


Here's a couple of pics of the built item, before paint.






Just in case you're wondering about the size of this little gem...




These little compressors will be a great addition to your dioramas, especially if you're planning a garage scene or full on maintenance in the field scene.


Thanks to Libor of Mirror models for this review sample, kindly sent direct from his premises in Ireland.


Highly recommended.

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