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Soo.... What did you just get???

Dave J

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5 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Ok , I’m getting blind so I need to scale up. 


... And obviously a more suitable size for using a chainsaw, and a trowel to splatter the putty, to butcher cut it to make it more accurate ;) ...

Just my :2c:


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Having the Dragon T95 in the stash, I really don't trust the self destructing DS tracks it came with. I finally decided to get the Rye Field T80 tracks for the kit. 


Due to the T95 having a double run of tracks, I need 3 sets of Sherman tracks to outfit it. 

My LHS got a shipment of Fruil tracks in so I grabbed the Conqueror ones for my Badger. 

They also had a few of the BSG kits in. Mobius recently lost the license to make these so they're getting hard to find. I decided to get them while I could. 


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Got ya:wacko:

Just to show you how dangerous having a great local hobby shop is, back in the early 1970's the original Squadron Shop had four stores if I remember correctly. There was mail order and of course no internet as there was no such things as pc's, cellphones or the web. My brother and I visited the Squadron Shop in Syosset, NY (we have always lived on Long Island) and after finding their add in Scale Modeler Magazine (modeling magazines were big back then) and the rest was history. Oh how dangerous it was as you couldn't just visit, check out the models in display cases and not buy a kit or two.

Keep 'em comin


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1 hour ago, Peterpools said:Nice find for sure and hopefully a F4F will be hitting your bench. Slowly but surely I've stopped buying on eBay as the prices are nothing to write 

Peter, I rarely find anything on eBay these days but now and again you find a bargain……..the  kit was amazingly difficult to find over here, reckon I bought  the last one………..it’s on it’s way……

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