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Soo.... What did you just get???

Dave J

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Well ... It's THAT time of the the year again ... Happy Birthday to me!!


Looking at my short term budget ... and my "To Get" list, I hit a few snags ...

A lot of what I want isn't yet out on the market ... (HK Models B-17 and Lancaster etc)

Of those that are and where I'm going to purchase them from, I have to wait for a couple of newer releases before ordering (Fly's Mk.I Hurricanes) to save on shipping charges.


So ... Fetching items from the USA is quite expensive (sarcastic understatement intentional), given the exchange rate and shipping charges. Even so, I've built up quite a few bonus dollars with Sprue Bothers on earlier purchases.


Not many of these around in decent locations (price-wise) ... I've wanted one for ages (being a night fighter and all) so I snapped up this one:




I had to get this one - I'd heard about it while Masters were still being designed (Thanks to some inside intel) ... super excited ... I was going to wait for the A-20 Havoc and get them at the same time to save on shipping ... but ... stuff that!




High-Tech or no-tech! ... I almost passed this one by, mainly thanks to the hype that just dragged on ... and on ... and on ... for years ... but the mouldings looked so nice ... so, yep, this one too:




Looking down the barrel at the last $50 (AUD) ... I grabbed this one - Straight Outta Hong Kong. At a smidge over $41 (including shipping) these Trumpeter kits go together very nicely, are reasonably well detailed and offer excellent bang-for-buck.

As usual, there's nothing out of sorts that some minor surgery and a weeny bit of AM won't fix:




More in the coming months.


Rog smile.png

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Over the last couple of days I few items have arrived.


First up ... There was a discussion thread somewhere, where the absence of Revell Ju.88A-4's available at reasonable prices was discussed. The main theory being that it was now OOP.

Since I was aiming to grab another one at some point (for one of Johns later model conversions) I thought I'd better jump in and grab one. My UK supplier didn't disappoint.

When I called them (yes ... UK from Australia!!) I was told that they had 6 in stock on the system. But when I mentioned I needed them eyeballed before purchase, they told me that after checking stock (about a 5 minute wait on the phone), the whole 6 that they started the day with had been sold ... before lunch!

The reason for the time taken on hold was to call their wholesale supplier who, fortunately, had a few in stock which they'd immediately nabbed for delivery 3 days away ... So I managed to score one for me - and one for someone else wink.png




Meanwhile I had a look around on the website and bit the bullet on one of these ...




Since shipment costs are bracketed ... I had some spare 'weight' left over and added one of these ...




Every couple of days I jump onto eBay ... mainly to scout around for anything I want that's OOP ... or going cheap.

One item I've been after for a while is Dragons kitting of a late Pz.IV Ausf.J ... the one with only 3 return rollers and the bed spring shurtzen. But not just any kit ... I'm always on the hunt for ones including Magic Track (as opposed to the newer DS boxings).

I found one offered up for auction by a fellow in the UK ... sprue bags opened but everything meticulously accounted for ... I had to go "total-warfare" on a competing bidder ... but I think after he made 3 quick bids at the end and realised he was never going to outbid me ... he quit!

I can't even begin to say how rare these Magic Track boxings are getting now ...






When buying anything O/Seas ... I try to always buy multiple items from the same supplier - to spread shipping charges.

So ... obviously, when I found the Pz.IV I clicked on his 'Items for sale' button ... just to see if there was anything else I wanted ... and Holy Cow ... A Dragon Tiger - WITH Magic Tracks!!!




Anyone who knows about these kits, would be aware of the fantastic sums of currency they go for ... Mainly it because of the Magic Tracks ... but also because Dragon threw the kitchen sink at these things!!

Look at all that extra gear! ... Metal Barrel, bucket loads of photo etch, preformed brass exhaust covers, various shells (spent, AP and HE), metal tow cable etc.




So when I saw it sitting there at only 52.00 GBP I had to bid on it. Knowing my limitations I picked a ceiling 'highest bid' and went for it.

To my shock ... no-one else had a crack and I won it at 56.00 GBP (the first bid that got me in front)!!

The best bit? ... all the original gear on plastic sprues (to be replaced by the in-box-AM), is still in the box! Maybe Dragon couldn't be ar$ed pulling it all out? ... Whatever! Before Magic Track, Dragon used the old 'individual links on sprues' system.
Oh yeah, they're still there biggrin.png ... ready for my other late tiger in the stash with the zimmerit coating (the one that came with DS) ... for me, a HUGE score!!


Rog smile.png

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Ok ... So ... Another batch of gear has arrived over the last week ... Time for some Happy-Snaps!
A bit of a story to get through ... so lets get underway :D ...


First up ... shock-horror Fly are now out of stock of the Hurricane Mk.IIc ... AND more importantly OOP!!
Dean gave me the heads up ... and Jiri confirmed it via email.
So ... via my first ever purchase from Hannants in the UK ...




I'm starting to get a hold of some AM now, for all sorts of various kits ... Mainly armour - but there'll be plenty of AC gear in the near future as well. Legend Productions do some good, detailed resin stuff.




Now ... here's something a little more interesting (from my perspective, anyway!) ... a while back, Dragon started producing their Smart Kits with DS Tracks (a more detailed and advanced rubber-band arrangement).
For me, this was seen as a regressive move as most armour aficionados that I've met like individual track links. They provide a more realistic look.
Now ... when Dragon's Magic Tracks burst on the scene some years ago (the pre-curser to DS) they were seen as the epitome of a good individual OOB track system:
Snap these suckers together, whack on a bit of glue and get your track-sag on before it sets.
Once DS tracks began replacing Magic Tracks, the market was left open for some competitors to release kits sporting individual track systems ... Enter Rye Field Model, Takom etc.
One of the latest releases is this sucker ... Normally a "Dragon-Special" but Bronco have started on a series of Pz.III chassis based StuG's - an 'E' first, followed by this D''... I liked this boxing because of the African markings and the additional Jerry cans.
Reviews are also pretty decent on fit and finish.




I'm beginning to think Dragon are seeing a shift downward in their sales ... because, before Bronco actually got this kit to market ... Dragon announced an 'E' of their own.
BUT ... besides the DS Tracks ... they've now included Magic Track as an option! Personally, I think this is something they should have done with their kits at the very beginning.
The Magic Tracks don't come in the (previously) usual Cardboard header with bags attached to it ... the bags are just stowed inside the box - but they ARE there!




Note the little red and white stamp ...
I say this because if you look at my last post here (on Oct 28) ... you will see a Pz.IV ausf.J with Magic Track - the original boxing ... the same box being later released with DS Tracks.
I originally bought this next kit ... in DS Track form - I figured I'd go AM at later date ... But look closely at this latest box - the same little red and white stamp!! You guessed it - Magic Tracks!! :D
This is what's given me the idea that Dragon may be re-introducing Magic Tracks to all current boxings ... we can only hope that it extends to Tigers and Panthers.




... And again. This time with a winterketten Pz.Abt.502 Leningrad version of an Pz.II Ausf.N ...




An older Smart Kit boxing of a StuG.IV ... with Magic Tracks, of course!




Finally ... I wanted to get hold of Rye Field Model Tiger ... The original boxing was good - and fairly cheap.
The downside was that the main gun barrel was the incorrect length - requiring an AM substitute to fix ... and there was only parts for the one variant (the African one) in the kit box.
The next iteration saw the barrel design faux-pas corrected ... and a full interior added. Of course the price jumped considerably, but reviews were pretty positive.
Then we get this one ... all the parts from the original boxing with the corrected barrel ... plus quite a few extras at the same cost as the original.
I've got absolutely no idea who Fehrmann was ... what I have discovered is that the whole 'Gruppe' was made up repaired and refurbished Tigers - usually early production models.
While being repaired, parts were usually replaced with up-to-date items so you end up with a rivet counters nightmare: An early chassis/hull with late model steel road wheels or tracks ... or a zimmerit coated hull with a bare late-production turret.
The point is ... with all the extra parts included in this boxing, I can make just about any Tiger variant I like ...




More later ...

Rog :)

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Hey rog, I snapped up a 1/32 special hobby yak 3 and went at it like male-testosterone yielding teenage boy, until I came across one the most frustrating things you can get in an aircraft build, the freakin wing root/ fuselage joint. It seems that it's fits at the front, only to find the back seems to want to drop down and vise versa. Hold the back half tight to fuselage and the front part drops down from the fuselage. After looking and poking about for three frustrating days of torture and swearing I decided to bin the heap of junk. I thought I must of made a right Royal .... Up, but as the top & lower wing halves actually house the cockpit on top of the one piece upper wing, I'm convinced that it is a design flaw. Usually after 3 days of wasted time and effort and despair, I usually place everything back in the box and jump up and down on the box about a half a dozen times or more then open the box back up again to see what improvements have been achieved! I didn't do this on this one occasion, only because I want some red stars in the squadron to break up the usual suspects. ( other kits were also beckoning to be built as well) so I hope you have better success than I have with mine. Please let me know if you encounter the same problem with your kit . Anyhow mate, all the best with your latest build, Oz

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Also talking bout magic tracks for your tiger, if you scab up enough of the spare track links for the turret( better guide horn detail) just to cover the sprockets and idler wheel, you can achieve a fairly decent result by using the less detailed magic tracks ( solid guide horn) where theiy are hidden behind the outer road wheels. If you can raid your mates spares as I did you can get away with about 30 per each side, enough to cover the visual portion on the sprockets / idler and still achieve the desired track sag that the rubber bands just don't cut. If you need any parts for your panzers I've got bucket loads of most of the panzer 4's and big cats I can send to you. Cheers Ozzy

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Guest DannyVM

Went today to a modeling convention not far from home.


This is what i brought home.


A few Hobbyzone organizers.




The new DACO Lightning book and the cd-rom.




And a new pair of tweezers.







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Guest DannyVM

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  yep indeed.


I think i will need to take my time :construction: road-block is set, and i contacted Asterix & Obelix for their power elixir. :stirthepot:


Tomorrow is a whole day reserved for re-organisation of my modeling studio.





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Guest DannyVM

Well first part is done today, with the addition of a second workbench. Here i will store my spray-boot and airbrush compressor and other stuff, so i will have a permanently place to airbrush my models.


Tomorrow i will start on the hobbyzone modules.


Here's a pic of the first part today.




I will make a seperate topic of the whole progress





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Made a few more purchases ...

I was hoping to have some Fly Hurricanes in this post but my order from 24/11 has apparently not arrived in the country yet from the Czech Republic ...

Meanwhile ... on my Dragon-Magic-Track-Edition searches I snaffled this one ... I have a few other Leningrad Panzers to use with it ...


... and it comes with the usual 'in-box-AM' ...


King Tiger ... Not worried about the markings, as I'll have plenty of left overs from other kits ... It was cheap and had Magic Track :)



Rog :)

I grabbed one of these a while ago ... but another one with Magic Track showed up, so ...


... the mind still boggles at what is included in the box ...


... Plus the guy had this set to go with it ...


... Another Legend Productions dress up set ... this time for a Pz.IV


Oh ... and I picked this up from the post office this morning :D ...


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Hey rog, I can't wait to see your B-17 when you get it built. How many tiger's have you got in your battalion?


I won't be attempting the 17 for donkeys yet ... Work is just too busy, and the stash room too disorganised to even think about it!

... and to that end ... One of my many tasks over the holiday I'll be having between Christmas and New Year will be to clear out the room and re-organise ... while culling the stash, making a list of AM and other hobby bits and pieces to acquire in 2017.


I have a few Tigers in the stash now - You'll see how many when I post photos of the completed stash room organisation ... I have a few of the earlier Panzers with individual tracks too ... One of my reasons for listing AM will be to work out which ones will require tracks to replace the crappy DS stuff.


Happy times Oz! :D


Rog :)

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Thanks rog, can I ask how much is the B17 worth in "oz dollarz" ? I want one, but I'd prefer the B29 if they ever make one. Cheers Oz


Got mine for $399.99 at Metro Hobbies, Melbourne ... Originally advertised at $429.99, but the kits came in fractionally cheaper.

Free Postage to WA :D


Rog :)

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I was able to find a pair of kits I'd always wanted. One since I was a kid, the second an updated version in newer dress. The B-52, in 1/72 - two different versions.




I plan to build one in Vietnam-era dress, from the Linebacker II campaign. The second will be updated for the '92 Gulf War.


These give me something to look forward to, down the road.


Unfortunately, aftermarket support for these is long absent - though I was able to get metal landing gear for them both. Sadly, such bits and pieces as were made for them seem to have disappeared even from eBay... that said, I have time to look, as it promises to be some time before I can do but look at these on the shelf. Even so, knowing they're there waiting makes me happy.

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