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Soo.... What did you just get???

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So this will be my first post on this thread... as I have purchased stuff in the past and not thought it was really worth talking about, model stuff that probably isn't all that interesting...........

Shadow arrived yesterday, 7 week old German Shepherd pup:  

In another thread, I mentioned how weak I was, piling up a number of « must buys » on my 2020 shopping list. Well, I got the first of those, a rather smallish box, that fits nicely on my bench 

Posted Images

Before I scrolled down I was thinking I'll need to post... exactly what Smitty posted! Weird minds think alike.

Very cute pup though. Friends of ours have just got a Labrador pup and it's great. You forget just how soft and clean their coat is at that age befoer they venture into the big wide world.

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Guest DannyVM

My score from this day's Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2018 held in Putte Belgium.





I also had a short, but nice chat with Cees & Jeroen, thank's guy's for the nce talk.:thumbsup2:



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Guest DannyVM
3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Nice haul Danny. There seems to be a convention every weekend near you guys........man I’d be bankrupt in a month......

Thank's Phil, 

first, Belgium is not so big so distances are more closer to people. In that matter, we are blessed:) Second, yes there are enough conventions in Belgium to go to. I always go to the same conventions every year, 5 to be exactly and they splattered over the year with the one that was held today as the last one of the year.

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