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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

The Great War Group Build - The Results are In !!!


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Guess what?? It's fallen to little ol' me to cast judgement over the completed entries and award the places and prizes to the lucky few.  


I have to apologise on behalf of Large Scale Modeller in the delay but holidays . etc, etc .. well, you know the drill, but hopefully the anticipation will have built to a suitably, dramatic TV style, levels  :)


Before arriving at the actual point of this post (and the part you've all be waiting for), I feel we should thank all the staff of LSM, the supporters, the entrants and the sponsors who have made the Group Build possible.  The top prizes are truly wonderful and well worth the effort of all concerned, and truly hope you will agree (Arrow Wolf aside) they are both generous and of amazing quality.


Special mention should go to HGW whose support has been extremely generous in that that the gift of a set of seat belts per entrant was very far sighted and unique in its undertaking!




In First Place and winning an amazing O.O.P Wingnut Wings 1/32nd Scale Hansa-Brandenberg W.29 








Is <<Drum Roll>> is ....


Whitey with his WnW's Roland D.VIb





In the Runners' Up Spot and winning a gorgeous signed Steve Anderson Print, 'Aces High' (Wingnut Wings box artist):





Is Ssashoo's Wingnut Wings' Roland D.VIa:





And the Arrow Wolf award for the Non-Wingnut Wings model entry winning two of Roden's best:


132RodenSopwithTriplaneMain_zps1d3ff772. 132RodenPfalzDIIIMain_zps47f39324.jpg


Is Wackyracer's Albatros D.III (OAW)




I'd like to thank every one who entered the competition and added to what was an epic build.


Congratulations to the winners, PM's will be sent to you each to determine where to send your prizes.


Thank you everyone! The choices and decisions were mine and mine alone so any feedback should be directed in this direction.



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Wow, thanks very much guys and especially the sponsors.


The WingNutWings kits are senbloodysational and the HGW gear is awesome.


Congratulations to all entrants, all the models were sensational.

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wooohooo :)

Many thanks to the sponsors for providing those great prizes and to LSM to organize the event :) It was real pleasure to participate!


Congartulations to Whitey, the Roland is so beatiful!

Congratulations to Wackyracer for his superb Albatros!


Bets regards,


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WWWWOOOOWWWW. thank you so much. It was a great pleasure and many hours of fun working on this group build and all the entries are fantnastic and worthy winners.


Congrats to Whitey and Sasho on their superb builds and many many thanks to Grant and Arrow Wolf for the superb prizes throughout.



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