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WIP of my 1/200 USS Missouri

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The Kagero Super Drawings in 3D of the Missouri has some good drawings and section profiles on the rigging.  While I cannot comment if it is depicted 100% correctly, I will comment that who viewing the model would know the difference if it is 100% correct or not? 


I had an uncle that served aboard the USS Iowa in 1945 as a 20mm gunner, I would ask him questions regarding the ship and how it looked or how it was configured.  He either could not remember or what he did tell me regarding a few things turned out to be incorrect, and this from a man that lived, worked, fought and looked at her everyday for months!

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Hello Sir, 

        I have the 1/200 USS MISSOURI kit but I cannot read the instruction manual now do to an minor accident.If you still have the instruction manual could could you please copy it and send it to this email: nelson.frank55@gmail.com because I cannot work on it until I find another instruction manual. I would really appreciate very much. Thank you for your time and have a great day.



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Thanks everyone again. I appreciate the compliments coming from people way more talented than myself. Well gentlemen, it has been a while. My apologies for it being so long since my last post on this crazy build. I put it on hold for a couple of reasons. My eyes were going crazy with the PE and I was just PE'd out, so to speak. Not even a quarter done by my estimate. Also, the wood deck decided it wanted to bubble up and I had to strip it and buy a new one. Anyone have any idea how to keep this from happening? I washed the deck with soap and water then a bath in isopropyl alchahol. I had a hell of a time placing such large pieces, had to lift up and replace a couple of times. I think that had something to do with it. After I finish some major honey do lists, I will get back on this with renewed energy.


silentman, I read your request but the model and instructions are stashed away. If you haven't solved your dilemna, I could pull it out and make a PDF out of them. Just been too busy. Let me know.




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I have (sadly) had the same problem with my Pontos deck....the adhesive just doesn't adhere to the deck. I got a hypodermic needle and some thinset cryo and have taken to spot treating the bubbles. This is really sorry. On the upper deck and other areas that I have not deployed, I am just painting the entire back with glue (light) and rolling it down to make it permanent. Shame Pontos did not tell us, especially after laying down all the little parts on the main deck. 


your work is really incredible. If I did all the PE on this ship, I would be building it in Valhalla.


Rick Bauer, Black forest, Colorado

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I look forward to any and all updates on this.  I am particularly interested as I (someday!) hope to take on a similarly-scaled USS Arizona.  I am learning tons through your willingness to share your own trials and tribulations...


Thank you for all the in-the-trenches info about both the good and the bad of building such a huge project.

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