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RAF interior colours WW II


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Hi guys,


What are the findings at this time by aviation historians / archaeologists on the interior colours used by the RAF in WW II? I've always thought it was the well known grey-green as exemplified by this walk around-photo from the Aircraft Resource Center's walk around section:




However, I remember someone telling me (or did I read it on the internet?) that this grey-green was more of a post-war color and the interior -or at least the cockpit colours- of RAF a/c in WW II were much greener. Is this true or is it a legend or just mis-information?


Thanks in advance!


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I have always trusted the MM RAF interior green. There has been some discussion/arguing/beyoch slapping on Lend Lease a/c being bronzish greenish. This is one of a few topics that will never end.



edited-one day I will learn to proof read my stuff. today is not that day

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Yeah, Paul, I know. I'm not talking about Lend-Lease. When GB started to get their a/c through Lend-Lease instead of specially ordered acquisitions, they got them (mostly) as the AAF would. In any case the interior colours or the primers used would be just as the AAF got them.


I'm talking specifically about British built RAF aircraft interiors. Just like I will use a different colour for a P-47 interior as opposed to a P-38, I'd like to know if the RAF colour was indeed greener than always was thought. If so, I can adjust my finish accordingly to better portray how the cockpit would've looked like. To get it 100% spot-on is impossible for me, it just has to look convincing.

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I think it's what I mentioned to you. When researching my cockpit projects I could have ordered off this colour off the shelf in the UK. Plenty of those getting rebuild. Problem was that is very expensive. So I looked for an alternative. I had an original part from a Halifax crash with the interior colour still in good nick. I took off a small layer off the top and there was a very good sample. It was lighter and greener than what is taken as gospel. My Halifax cockpit looks lighter and greener as a result. When we recovered a Wellington wreck some years ago we found three variants of this colour. Herman ( you know) did not believe me. We also have wooden bits from a beaufighter that looks very much lighter. Pity Edgar pulled out of the forum community.


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