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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

1/32 Fokker D.XXI is available to buy!


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Can't wait to get my hands on one too. I have been searching for the wreck of one that crashed prewar. Would be nice to do it in those colours.

The Dutch version had thinner legs. The example at Soesterberg has the wrong beefier legs as used on the Finnish Fokkers.

So there is a difference.



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Dear Friends and Customers,

Since the beginning of work on the Fokker DXXI and PZL P.11, we rightly assumed that they would be very ambitious projects. We want to give modellers a thrill while opening these boxes. The size and complexity of the models, which are their key advantages, have a decisive influence on the course of a production. Now, nearly completing the work, we can see how many details still need to be fixed. Releasing such historically significant subjects, we must make sure that any errors are eliminated to a level allowing full enjoyment of the box' content. Looking realistically at the current progress and remaining workload, we came to the conclusion that we need a little more time. The team is working at the maximum speed but we need additional few weeks and therefore have to move the Fokker DXXI's release date forward to the end of January. We feel that we owe you apologies for this. We admit we set the initial date too soon and it is our lesson for the future. We duly apologize and we thank you for the support you show us every day. We really appreciate it. It gives us extra strength.

The Silver Wings Team

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At Silver Wings, we are always focused on providing high-quality kits of interesting subjects for our friends and customers. For 2015, we are pleased to announce some changes that we hope you find as exciting as we do!

A long-awaiting kit, the previously announced Fokker D.XXI is now available to buy, and the PZL P.11 is almost ready and will become available during next two months. As we continue to branch out and expand our subject matter from our "silver wing" roots, we also have a couple surprises coming for fans of Italian and Russian aircraft.

We have also made some changes to the design of both our instructions and boxes which we hope you will like! Additionally, we are pleased to announce a new category of Silver Wings Kit - the Silver Limited Edition kit. The concept with these kits will be subjects which we feel deserve a little something extra. The Silver Limited Edition kits will include a distinctive box design with original "in motion" drawings, a high-quality printed poster, additional metal parts (such as gun barrels), and increased amount of available markings included in the box. Silver Limited Edition kits will be produced in a very limited series which from definition will not be repeated once sold-out.

Speaking of new kits, we are pleased to be able to kick off 2015 with our first new kit of the year, the Fokker D.XXI. It has three colorful markings schemes - two Dutch and one German. We are now ready to accept orders for this kit. Please write us at silverwings@silverwings.pl for order details or order via you local distributors website.


Kit includes:
- 160 resin parts
- film elements
- 40 pe parts - sheet
- reinforced: wings and struts
- instruction
- decals sheet including 3 marking options - sheet
1) Fokker D.XXI “15" - Luftwaffe - ex 1e JaVa "Witte Muizen", Summer 1940
2) Fokker D.XXI “214" - Dutch Air Force - 1-II-1 LvR (1e JaVa), De Kooy, Autumn 1938
3) Fokker D.XXI “212" – Dutch Air Force - 1–V-2 LvR (1e JaVa), Ypenburg, Summer 1940


More photos at www.silverwings.pl.


The Silver Wings Team
















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To answer my own question...the instrument dials are provided on a clear film.


Very nicely done with fine details.

Keep in mind...the details are transparent, so add a white backing to the film or you won't see much of it.

The interior details of the cockpit are impresive. A complete tube frame...to be build like a WnW kit.

The pilot seat...just great...and so are the pe ip and seatbelts. Very, very nice.


The fabric covered part of the fuselage can use some linen texture decals (Microsculpt) imho, but that's fine.


The decals...sorry, but I've seen better. I'll use decals from Dutch Decals and Flevo Decals instead.


Clear parts look good. A tad bit on the thick side, but clear and no significant distortion.


Nice manual.


Overall: Great stuff



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