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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

Masks sets for the Airfix Typhoon ready to order.

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If you are going to be at Telford and want a set let me know. If you want a set posted email me at miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk and request an order form.


I am soooo busy getting ready for Telford that it is unlikely that I can post these out until after my return, which will be around the 17th November. The order form also gives instructions about claiming the codes and serials for your project which are another part of this promotion.


Here is the breakdown of the price of each element of the set of masks for the Airfix 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon:
Camouflage - £12.50
D-day stripes - £11.25
Roundels and fin flash - £14.50
Canopy clear parts and wheels - £3.50
Yellow leading edge - £1.50
This is a total of: £43.25

I will be producing a limited number of 100 sets at a price of £28.00 for the set.(that is a little better than a 35% discount) Yes I must be mad! The set includes very comprehensive instructions.

On top of this blatant attempt to encourage more modellers to try paint masks there is more! If you purchase a set I will custom produce a set of codes and serials for the aircraft of your choice for nearly 50% of my normal minimum order value at £6.00 and postage free. I will also produce other specific items for your chosen subject, but there will be an extra cost for those, I'm not completely mad! I will also include, at no extra cost, blanks to mask off the fuselage roundels For the D-Day stripes) and wing walkways (see my build), if you require them! Maybe I am completely mad
They will be available from the start of the Scale Model world show, the 8th of November. So pick them up at the show, I will have 30 sets there, or email me at miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk and I will send you an order form. I expect to have a lot of interest in this set so bare with me if I don't send the order form by return, but don't worry once I get your email request you are on the list.
If you have sent me an email about interest in this set then please send me another email to request an order form.
I will require a separate order form to produce the codes and serials of your choice; for which I will require enough information to be able to produce the markings of your choice, so gather those before you send back the second order form. Also be aware that I will essentially have 100 sets of add on markings to produce so a bit of patience please

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