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Tamiya 1/35 Panther Tank


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Well I'm no longer a armor virgin, lol!! Really enjoyed building my Tamiya 1/35 Panther Tank.






Scratch built my own side armor!



Used shading techniques on the hull, turret and side armor.



Freehand camouflage scheme.



Paints and airbrushes I used.



Drive wheels were fun, lol!!





Oh and painting and weathering tracks was fun too!



Before decals and wash!









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Looks real good! Nice way to break into armor.


How do you like the Paasche Talon? I've been using one for a few years now with good, troublefree results.





I really like it Wayne. I use it for freehanding panel lines and camouflage work. Really does a super job and easy to clean. My Iwata Neo is still my go to all weather airbrush, lol!!

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Nice Panther Ralph! Great freehand camo, and the weathering is subtle but perfect! The base is a VERY nice touch as well.




Thanks Ed. I prefer subtle weathering techniques to others! Glad you like the base too. The Panther was my first armor build as was the base!

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Ralph; you Sir are one of the modelers out there in a rare and sadly dying breed who happily build models for the sheer enjoyment of building models. You really are a breath of long needed fresh air in our hobby and I for one applaud you.

Enjoy your retirement.:respect::D

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Ah, don't 'do' FB myself but glad to hear Ralph is still out there.

Always worry when someone just 'disappears'. Too many of us are into the second half of our innings which makes you think bad things when people drop off the radar. :( 

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  • Group Build Moderator

I think a lot of people have abandoned traditional forums like this one for FB.  It's convenient, we're fortunate to have direct hosting of photos here but many sites don't.  I've talked to a couple of former regulars here who left their old regular forums simply due to the fact that they were tired of dealing with 2nd party photo hosting and didn't want be bothered with it. 

I still think these forums have a lot more to offer to serious modelers but people who may not take things as seriously find FB a good alternative.

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