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New book on I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81


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I would like to announce the release of my latest book on the I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81. 


For more information, please see this link: http://www.radubstor...products_id=471


Vanator - Romanian Hunter, The I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81 in Ultimate Detail. 
By Radu Brinzan 


This is a limited edition. 
This book describes at the I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81 aircraft in unprecedented detail.


A detailed and comprehensive illustrated technical history of the I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81 - the Romanian World War II fighter and ground-attack aircraft. This elegant but little-known aircraft was the mainstay of the Romanian air force's fighter arm throughout World War II, involved in fighting against both the Allies and then against the Axis. It was heavily involved in aerial battles against USAAF heavy bombers attacking Romanian oil fields. The different versions of the plane are described and illustrated; all the changes in specification, equipment and performance are recorded. Drawings and data from the original technical manuals, full dimensional details and photographs of the few surviving relics preserved in aviation museums illustrate all aspects of the airframe, inside and out. 60 colour photographs and many pages of colour illustrations complete the book's comprehensive coverage. Includes accurate 1/48th scale plans, and colour profiles showing many of the colourful schemes applied to the aircraft.


Hardback, 368 pages, dimensions: 22 cm x 30 cm x 2.3 cm, over 1000 photos and illustrations, scale 1/48 drawings for all versions, 60 colour profiles. 

ISBN 978-83-63678-40-1


Thank you for your support,
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