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WnW wants to listen their fans!

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Hannants have these listed as "Future Releases"

Wingnut Wings WNW32034    1:32     AEG G.IV

Wingnut Wings WNW32060    1:32     Bristol Fighter Late Version     

Wingnut Wings WNW32061    1:32     Airco DH.9a Ninak Late Version



Hi Terry42, those have been around on future release for about a year and the AEG G.IV almost two years, on WnW website!


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Ursinus Float Plane with retractable floats.               I think a re-release of a navy version (with floats) of something they have already always is a good idea. Low cost, lots of fu

My vote is for: 1.- Lohner Type L 2.- Aviatik Berg D.I 3.- Etrich Taube   Regards,

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Now that WNW has broken the ice with Felix, here's my list of  subjects I'd like to see them do.


Curtiss JN4 Jenny

Curtiss N9H

Curtiss F Boat

Curtiss E Boat


(Is there a pattern here?)


Oh heck why not... an NC would be awesome too, 1 through 4.



Perhaps the Jenny and N9H could be combined with optional parts to build one or the other.




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