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New Sets!


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Hi Guys,


Just a heads up on new sets which would be available from Tuesday November 25th so please do let me know what do you think!







- 1:32 Gloster Meteor F.4 - Replacement mask set with canopy masks for HK Models Kit 01E06

- 1:32 Gloster MEteors roundels, fin flashes and codes - generic set

- 1:32 P-47 Razorbacks - set for three aircraft with profile arts - VOL.I (pending notification for exact airplane as there will be a couple of volumes) to be available in 1:48 as well

- 1:32 USAAF Mustangs - Generic insignia set (Roundels, code letters and numbers, D-Day stripes...)  to be available in 1:48 as well

- 1:24 RAF Typhoons - Generic insignia set - (roundels, fin flashes, code letters and numbers...)


More sets pending approval



Also, the news is that we have managed a deal with renown decal manufacturer to print decal sets for our masks like: Pilot names, nose-art, badges... and all the stuff that needs to be done with decals, to go with our new sets that are currently being designed.



Thats all for now!




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