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Left to Rust - Germany 1921 - Junkers J.I


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Well, I have this Junkers J.I in the shlef of doom... for quite a long time...


i started this one in Modelscala 2014, as a challenge to build a Junkers J.I in 48 hours... I totally miss the goal... and since then, this Junkers has been put aside, abandoned to his luck...


So, I just decided to do that... a Dio with this baby left to rush..... 


So, my scenario is in 1921, somewhere in Germany, with a forgotten Junkers J.I...

























 Hi Guys!! i`m joing this one right at the end of it I know.... 

I started this one in the WnW Marathon that took place in the end of September....


Now I going to give a try to finisgh it in 2014... :)









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A small update:





Here you can see probably the biggest (and only) error on WnW model kits. The aileron is too short... or is the central wing... there is some discussion on the web...










I use the sprue D parts available... but i forgot of the downside... My fault... so I do have to go other way around and use the unused rudder... The texture is not exactlly the same but it will have to do.





Both sides almost done!

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I've watched with great interest all the WNW builds and wonder where in the US do you order all the aftermarket stuff used in these builds. I notice the brass hinges for example, where do you order those??

Hi Ralph! 

Thnaks for your words.

The hinges are from the kit! i have put then in different position because I saw some archive photos that show then in different positions.



This build is OOB with the exception of the seatbelts that are from HGW.

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