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New emotes added

Jim H

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Hi all,


I've added some new smiley things tonight, including some custom made ones.




:stirthepot:  :stirthepot:  :icon_eek:  :secret:  :wine:  :151_41_44_712.06380630013627764  :respect:  :popo:  :popcorn:  :wallbash:  :help:  :151_41_44_712.09472830013627761  :admin:  :unworthy:  :brickwall:  :2guns:  :sofa:


Any you think are suitable, post them here and I'll look at adding to the system ;)

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Hi Jim,

how about this one as a mark of respect for ALL the fallen of all the conflicts,

past and present?


 poppy.gif    "Lest we Forget"                                             






AMEN!!................Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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Sure, it has to do with the forum saying of "dropping a grenade in the room and closing the door".  I'm picturing a smiley throwing a grenade through a doorway then closing the door.  After a few seconds the door blows off....rinse and repeat.

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