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Having trouble logging in and posting?

Jim H

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Hi all,


We have recently set up a proxy firewall connection at LSM. This is an advanced level of security for us and the future of this site.


There has been a side effect though, and that is that a number of you will be unable to login or post (or both).


To fix this, you need to go to another site (google for example), and then CLEAR both your Internet browsing data (Cache) and also your Cookies.


Then....come back and re-enter your pass, and that should be it.


For more info, check this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cookies


Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Don't know if this is related but some advice would be appreciated. I'm logged in ok on my tablet but I seem to have got logged out on the PC. Trouble is I've forgotten my password so I tried the link to reset but I'm not getting an email through to complete the process. Have deleted the cookies, etc but seems to have made no difference. Any thoughts, ideas welcome.


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