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DF Loop Antenna on Messerschmitt BF110 Orientation


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Hey everyone I'm building the Dragon BF110 night fighter currently but I am wondering on the orientation of the underside DF loop antenna? I've seen reference photos of it both in line and perpendicular to the fuselage but have no idea if witch way I should put it on? I've seen it built both ways on models as well. Does it spin, are both ways right?


Thanks and cheers!


Ben Bodenhamer

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I googled a bit...all photos I seen...when on the ground you see the circle from the side. Seen a photo when in flight with the circle turned...so you see it from the front.
So perhaps "circle visible from the side" is the zero/default or take off and landing position.
Still no idea it could be turned, might as well be some had it attached differently.
Btw...not seen any on Lichtenstein equiped 110s, but most photos are not clear or taken from the front, so not 100% certain about this either.
See circle from the side is the safe way to go I guess. Perhaps the nicest position also, since it will be most visible that way...and it's a nice eye catcher.
Dragon provides 2 PE loops with small notches on them, that's neat because there is a space between the two loops


nice touch Dragon!


Good luck, hopefully others can help more -_-

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