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Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc


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Hi guys


I've been busy on this one for about a month. Wish there was more time. Absolutely love the kit. It is my second Tamiya 1:32 (after P-51D) and although I chose to do JE J, it's more a way to try new things, out of my comfort zone, e.g. scratch building, paint masks, fabric belts etc.


The aftermarket goodies used:

Barracuda cannon covers and one of the cockpit sets

HGW seat belts

HGW wet transfer stencils

Maketar masks


I also added some wiring to the cockpit:






Wire details added to engine using some magnet wire, lead free flytie wire and Evergreen rod:






Airframe pretty much done and ready for priming:



Thanks for looking!

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And after a long interruption (Sorry, I'm simply too busy to always post an entire build), here is the final result. 1:32 is not my usual scale - takes up too much space, and time, but I loved this one nevertheless.


Some details:

  • Extras used: Scratch built cockpit and engine plumbing, Barracuda cannon blisters, Barracuda Cockpit Upgrade set, Barracuda Seat, HGW fabric seat belts, HGW wet transfer stencils, Maketar wing roundel masks (but Tamiya decals for fuselage markings)
    Iconicair Rolls Royce name plates
  • Paints and colours used: Tamiya XF-81/82/83, Alclad copper, various Tamiya acrylics, Microscale/Lifecolor flat coat.

I aimed to expand my comfort zone with new products and techniques. Much has been said about this kit, so I won't go into detail, but it is, together with Tamiya's 1:32 P-51, the best kits I've ever built. Well worth it. Here are some pics. Thanks for looking guys!













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