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My other hobby........


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On 8/16/2018 at 12:25 PM, MARU 5137 said:

Hey  Cupcake...


I joined in September 2017 but forgot  I had an account here.:book:

you know what  I am like.  You have all met ME..... well Harvey... you ... Martin... " All Time" .    :sofa:

I'm as bad as you Maru. Apparently I joined in 2013 but haven't posted until today. 


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On 8/30/2018 at 10:14 AM, DocRob said:

Some bikers here, great. I sold my motorcycle in Berlin when I left the City. It was a KTM-950 SM and I loved it, raw power and nearly no weight and a sound like a Harley Davidson on Speed.

Now living on an Island full of steep hills and great nature I own these two fellows. Yeah, they are pure bench time stealers, but I do lots of sports for contrast and mountainbiking is one of them.

The one with the Motor is brand new and has to be ridden in the next days. There are so many brutally steep uphills, that I decieded for going with extra power, just to have more choices and range. The other one is trusted and dusty and will be used in future too, it's just not the same thing for the ego do have it done with motor support ;).

Cheers Rob


Ohhh, my kind of bikes. 

Here's a couple pics of mine. 

Custom built Ti 29er:


A piece of history:


My last Ibis:


And my current one:


What happens when you ask your friends at the bike shop to build something that a hipster would never ride:


And after the joking stops and they put the correct front tire on:


My current fat bike:


Our garage has 13 bikes in it. People are amazed we can fit both of our cars in there too.




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Here's my other hobby.

Apart from investigating aircraft wrecks that came down on Dutch soil I also like to build full size cockpits such as the Handley Page Halifax and Hampden bombers. Halifax pictured. I am also working on a Spitfire instrument panel.



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On ‎9‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 12:07 AM, GusMac said:

Great. Where exactly is the museum Cees? We're planning a driving holiday to Europe next year, so it would be ferry to Ijmuiden then onwards, so we could fit it in on the way (if my wife agrees!). 

It's actually close to Ijmuiden. The museum is located in Heemskerk and open on sundays between may and October. Let me know when you are coming over then we can meet and I will show you around the museum.


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On 8/18/2018 at 12:49 PM, Clunkmeister said:

Well, here’s a few of my collectible stuff. Kudos to the person who can ID them all.


84439FC8-05FE-4358-984A-98598ECF9E1A.jpeg M 16 A2

F933D79B-C751-45F8-A9A4-DD1933D35AE8.jpegM3 A1



2E129824-D7BA-4712-9ADE-4A9E232C3F1E.jpegAbove L1A1 with Trilux night sight, left L1A1 or SLR, right rifle IV no1






Sorry NFI on the classics.











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Kudos on the FAL, you were close. It’s a Canadian FN C1A1, the Canuck version of the FAL.

The others are:

M16A1, M3 Grease Gun, MP40, and a Longbranch No.4 Mk.1 SMLE.

they’re all true classics that every person on this forum should know by heart. 

The bottom FAL is a US Army T-48 trials rifle. 

My C1A1 is sporting the active IR  PAS-4 system in one pic. That sight is semi common for the M14, but almost impossible to find for the C1A1

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