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Bf 109F-2, 4./JG 54, "White 9" (Trumpeter 1/32)

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Just a few "teaser" pics of a recently completed project. This was an attempt to address some of the shortcomings of the much maligned Trumpeter Friedrich.  I had a couple of Aries 109F conversion sets that were rendered useless when Hasegawa released their Friedrich so I figured I'd put them to use on the Trumpy kit.


Several other items were addressed as well, hopefully this model will be appearing in a publication later this year where I'll have a full run down of the modifications performed.Markings are a combination of Montex masks and Kagero decals, paint is Mr. Hobby.  For those of you who wonder why us 109 nuts build so many, this paint scheme is your answer, just a lot of fun to do!


Thanks for looking!










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Very nice! I found their G-10 pretty good. Amazing that the Trumpy, Revell and Hasegawa kits all manage to pull up short in completely different ways...


It's got a few warts but the engineering is pretty solid.  The fit overall is great, the lower cowl assembly is the only part that I'm not happy with, had the same issue on the G-6 I built.  All three kits really have their own unique personality though.

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Great finish Mike.  Always love your photography.


I have found myself well stocked with a handful of 109's for the same reason as you.  All those awesome schemes.  Have a few 190's too and will most likely enhance when the Revell 190 comes out

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