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Intro/Cave/Stash/Models/Display & general howdy from SoCal


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Thought I'd take a few minutes & contribute to the forum since I enjoy reading others' post so much. I don't think I'm particularly technically challenged but didn't find the "photobucket-paste" setup as easy as it sounded.
I'm shotgunning a combination of my office/cave, my display, my stash, my current models & and introduction all in one here. I've only recently started modeling and even more recently switched from 1/48 to 1/32 scale. The switch was mainly the result of the stunning Wingnuts kits & I can't say I regret it. Although I think I've made some pretty nice models, I (like others) am at least a little hesitant to post alongside some of the incredible masterpieces I see on this site!
My cave overlooks our pool and is bathed in beautiful California sunshine most days of the year. I recently had a display-cabinet put into the office in an effort to minimize the chances that our (now foot-mobile) toddler would find one of my models stashed in a linen closet! As a result I have plenty of vacant shelves that now need filling :-)
I'm currently working on a Hasegawa 109 (having started with the new Revell model but actually finding the Hasegawa offering a superior kit to work with - IMHO). Next in line are Tamiya's amazing big corsair, Zoukei-Mura's Horten and then Wingnuts' DVII & ambitious Felixstowe.
Thanks to everyone to who posts their projects, they're a joy to follow.














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I might need to do a better job of photographing some projects - they were quickie pics, taken in the cabinet using my I-phone.

Just finished both the (Hasegawa) 109 and the DVII in Udet's (red) scheme & am enjoying Wingnuts so much that I've started on the (early) Hansa-Brandenburg.

I had previously started the HK Pfeil but have it on hold until I can change it to the next version (projected to come out shortly after their mossie) - I should be able to use the cockpit, decking & engines I've already finished. Eduard will be releasing a "brassin" engine for the new Revell butcher-bird (? around September according to them) so really I just need to keep clearing my stash until then :-)

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