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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

Dear All ...


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Firstly - I want to thank James, the Administrators and Staff for allowing me to join the other Sponsors and Vendors of Large Scale Modeller, I really am delighted that Arrow Wolf is here. 

I launched Arrow Wolf to specifically offer quality large scale models of both aviation and armour subjects from quality manufacturers; to offer accessories, tools and paints etc. with a friendly, efficient service and we will always strive to be as competitive as possible.

As a recent returnee to modelling, one who discovered just how much had changed during my long absence, I wanted Arrow Wolf to have an eye to others who might be as confused as I was so, I have posted some basic hints and tips on Arrow Wolf’s pages which will be added to as time goes on but I would be equally happy to help by phone, email or the PM facility here at LSM with any question or suggestions as to how to make Arrow Wolf a better place.


Finally, I have arranged for a 10% discount for all purchases over £50 by LSM Members, please PM me for the discount code.


So, as always, have fun




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<<<< Blushing >>>>


Thank you Martin, it's very kind of you to say so - I'm thoroughly enjoying myself here for the simple reason that the people are such good fun, relaxed, nice and incredibly generous with their time and knowledge..



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We're sure as well Grant that this forum will have a real synergy with Arrow-Wolf too, plus we are all LSM'ers at heart too, so instead of shirking back from saying 'great work, how did you do that?' with fantasy stuff, now we can have something to relate to 100%


You'll have a great time here, helping to adjust and tune things as we go. 


We have an amazing team in here, and I know this will seriously take off in a big way.

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Hi Grant, 

Just realised I was missing something in my signature.


I love Arrow Wolf! 


Love you!

Yeah! We need to change it to read Large Scale Modeller shop (instead of large scale PLANE shop) - have you still got the original design file??

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