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Thanks James and LSM


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Hi all,

Over on LSP I posted regarding the unhappy circumstance of my birthday present from my wife (the WNW AEG) being stolen from her car before she could give it to me. For the full story look over on LSP.

James and LSM have shown unbelievable generosity and have offered to send me a replacement from the stash.

I have formally thanked all on LSP but wanted to post here as well to offer mine and Jeanettes heartfelt thanks to James and all here on LSM.

You guys are the greatest!!!



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Hi Brent,


You are most welcome!


James forwarded me the link to LSP last night and ran the idea pass me, and we both agreed it would be an awesome thing to do.


Plus its not like Jim is going to build the kit anyway... He is way to busy! ;)


I understand you have already contacted Jim? If so we will get the ball rolling to get this package to you.



LSM Admin

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You're welcome Brent.


Whilst there is some piss-poor excuse for humanity out there, that stole your birthday present, it's good to be able to try and balance out the negative karma and give you that gift that was so callously stolen. This will be posted out in a few hours, and I'll send you the tracking number.


So pleased that we managed to turn your birthday around for you. Can't wait to see you with this nice big box!



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Wow - at the end of long, tiring Friday, you guys have restored a little of my faith in humanity.

I like to think that whoever stole your kit had little to no idea what they were taking because I'm not sure I can place someone who chooses to appreciate and build a kit like that into the same mental bracket as someone who would steal one.

Nice to see worthwhile human beings holding the line.

If it were feasible I'd buy the next round of beers for everyone!


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