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May 2015 releases


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Dear LSM members and visitors,

Four new books will be published by Kagero in May 2015.




Monographs No 61

Arado Ar 234 Blitz Vol. I

Marek J. Murawski

ISBN 978-83-64596-34-6

The new edition of Arado Ar 234 monograph devoted to the history of the Arado Ar 234 Blitz, the first German jet bomber and reconnaissance plane.  The book has been supplemented with new pictures and include a large number of detailed 3D visualization featuring aircraft design. The first volume covers its design and development in regard to the evolution of jet propulsion. Each variant is specified and described, including few which never progressed beyond the drawing board.

• 128 pages
• 10 painting schemes
• 93 archival photographs
• 16 color photos
A2 sheet with drawings 1/48
2 double B2 sheet with drawings 1/32
2 pages A4 sheet of scale drawings 1/72
• format (sizes): (210x297 mm)
• matte coated paper
• soft cover binding



Available in preorder in Kagero’s webshop



Topdrawings No 23

The Battleship USS Alabama

Witold Koszela

ISBN 978-83-64596-37-7

The battleship USS Alabama is one of the very few “big ones” that saw service in World War II and survive to this day as museum ships.
A recipient of nine Battle Stars for her wartime service, Alabama was a South Dakota class warship, widely considered to be the best US Navy treaty battleship design, featuring heavy armor, good underwater protection, tight superstructure arrangement and formidable armament.
The ship was built at Norfolk Navy Yard in Portsmouth, Virginia. She was laid down on February 1, 1940 and launched on February 16, 1942 sponsored by Henrietta McCormick Hill, wife of the senior U.S. Senator from Alabama J. Lister Hill.

• 32 pages
• 28 drawings sheets  A4
• 5 color profiles
• 5 double B2 sheet with drawings sheets and colour scheme, scales 1/72, 1/100, 1/200, 1/350,
• format (sizes) 210x297 mm
• booklet binding


Available in preorder in Kagero’s webshop




Topdrawings No 24

The Battlecruiser HMS Hood

Stefan Dramiński

ISBN 978-83-64596-61-2

Hood, launched in 1918 was the last battlecruiser built in Great Britain. She was named in honor of Admiral Samuel Hood and was to be the first of the Admiral- class battlecruisers, but further three vessels were never completed. During the construction the design had to be extensively modified to embody the experience of the Battle of Jutland, which markedly exposed insufficient armor of British battlecruisers. However not all shortcomings were eliminated, which later contributed to the loss of the ship.

• 36 pages
31 drawings sheets  A4
scales: 1/50, 1/100, 1/200

• 3 color profiles
2 double B2 sheet with drawings sheets and colour scheme 1/200
2 double A1 sheet with drawings sheets 1/350
• format (sizes) 210x297 mm
• booklet binding


Available in preorder in Kagero’s webshop



Super Drawings in 3D No 34

The Japanese Cruiser Chikuma


Waldemar Góralski

ISBN 978-83-64596-62-9

• 80 pages
• 140 renders
• Double sheet B2 withe the plans (680×480 mm)
• Gloss coated paper
• Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm)
• Booklet binding


Available in preorder in Kagero’s webshop


We invite to visit our website www.kagero.eu


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