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Tamigawa Spitfire Mk.Vc Trop


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Thanks Jonathan, hopefully it turns out ok! 

I'll park the bodywork for a while.  Next up is the cockpit.   Although the Mk V cockpit is fundamentally the same as the Mk IX, there are some noticeable differences to address.  For reference I’m using spitfiresite.com amongst others (and probably some creative license where necessary)
I’m adding the Aires Mk IXc cockpit resin - which contains superb detail but was designed for a late Mk IX.  This is my first attempt at a full resin cockpit - fingers crossed!  Here are the bits and pieces ready to go: 
I also have the Hasegawa Mk. Vb cockpit, with Eduard PE - I should be able to recycle some of this (eg. placards, IFF transmitter) 
For the port sidewall, I’ve decided to use the lower part of the Aires sidewall so some cutting is required

Same for the starboard side 
 The aires ‘floorpan’ (?) has some superb detail but there’s no way I can get it to fit, so I’ll use the Tamiya part.  Test fitting below: 
More to come.. ! 
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Skipping ahead now, most of the work is done. 
Cockpit - general notes

  • painting:  Tamiya XF-71 was painted over a Mr Color tyre black basecoat

  • gloss coat applied (Mr Color GX) 

  • oil wash of brown & dark grey mix

  • some oil dot filtering (mainly white, yellow)

  • some highlights added with base XF-71

  • flat coat

Instrument panel - the Tamiya IP looked fine, but I decided the Eduard PE could be salvaged.  The edges needed some trimming but it was otherwise fine.  The compass is the Tamiya piece (not supplied in the Aires set).  Framing is Aires. Rudder pedal straps are Tamiya masking tape
This again is the Eduard PE, recycled - it’s not perfect but usable.  The seat is the Tamiya kit.   I’ve added the headrest to represent a Mk V, but have subsequently read that Mk Vc’s didn’t use !?  Damn..! If this is true I may need to remove this. 
Starboard sidewall - Aires, kit parts, Eduard IFF transmitter and placards, and some scratch building.  For simplicity the oxygen hose was cut but this won’t be visible when the cockpit is assembled
Port sidewall - Aires, kit parts, Eduard and some wiring added.


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There's a very interesting thread on a Greek Vc based on Crete, would make a great model subject http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234982280-spitfire-vc-ef566-paint-scheme-question/


Thanks! That's a great scheme (both alternatives) - I will consider it.. I'm yet to chose the scheme. Too many options to chose from.  Either Mediterranean or Pacific options - I'll decide once the 'plastic surgery' is complete. 


Back to the construction work,  the wings and fuselage are assembled and ready for the nose job. I've cut and attached part of the Tamiya lower cowling in readiness.  Pics below: 


The Hasegawa nose was glued using CA glue. I did a sloppy job in removing the Hasegawa nose - you can see the very poor join at the wing root but it is 'fixable'.
The Quickboost fishtail exhausts (for Hasegawa not Hobbybosss)  arrived in the mail - these look great: 
The fit was pretty good - the biggest issue was the join of the upper cowling to the fuel tank cover - you can see the different curvature of Hasegawa and Tamiya parts. Some minor reshaping will be necessary. 
I've also need to thin the Hasegawa nose slightly at the wing root join. 
Here's the starboard view, and, in a childhood flashback - an ugly glue fingerprint!!  :sofa:
Underside fit is not too bad at all - the trop filter fits very nicely indeed - again, the wing root join needs work (due to my dodgy cutting) 
All comments, criticism is welcome. 
Next is lots of filling, sanding, etc.  
Thanks for watching. 
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Thanks all. 



Progress check - with Mr Surfacer 1200 coat - in order to check for gaps.  Slow progress on the nose - using CA glue as filler, the gaps are now mostly filled but not yet completely removed. Very much a work in progress. 

The Hasegawa upper cowling will need to be blended in further also. 
The visible gaps above will be filled and when all looks good I’ll be on to the scribing/riveting. 
Thanks for checking in.
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any updates on this interesting build?

Clark Cone

Hi Clark, not much progress due to an international relocation.. still yet to setup my workbench.


Next step is rescribing and rivetting.. i have the tools but am fairly new to it.. I'll need a dummy run on something else ;)


cheers, Tim

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