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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

New Maketar SHOP - New Products & SALE!


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Hi guys,


Well, this 'couple of days' turned out to be a couple of months but it's done! Brand new Maketar SHOP is finally up and running! 


So, whats new!?


Most important new feature is ‘Custom Size Masks’ platform designed to allow almost endless possibilities in utilizing paint masks, regardless of your subject’s size, type and scale – from static scale models to full size flying replicas! We have started with 5 custom size mask packs with over 70 masking elements that you can order in any size from 5mm-95mm, if there's need for larger sizes, we can do that a well but i think these should cover for most of your needs!


You can read all about 'custom size masks' - HERE


As you would see, our old look and feel is mostly the same, ironed up with all the little things taken care of. Things under the hood have been completely reworked and overhauled, most important changes and new features are:



- Custom Size Masks - Allows customers to order almost any roundel we made so far in any dimension from 5mm to 95mm!

- User accounts - Once you go to checkout you can check the option to create account and have all your orders info on record as well as to use future option of discounts for registered users.

- Currency switcher - Now you can browse the shop and have all prices displayed in one of 3 different currencies - US Dollar, Euro and British Pound. Hourly exchange rate refresh!

Model Painting Techniques - we have started with a few articles on painting scale models, by yours truly! More articles still to come.

- Model gallery by me as well as customer model gallery.

- and more!




Also happy to say that 30% off SALE is now on, for the next 7 DAYS - Coupon code is MAKETAR



Please note: There is a possibility that we have overlooked a bug on our new web shop so PLEASE, if you do notice anything wrong, please do let us know by using contact form!


many thanks and happy moedlling!
















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