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North Korean Ki-43 Oscar

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This aircraft was reportedly seen in a derelict condition at Phenian (Pyongyang) airfield by Soviet ground crew around 1950. The story is certainly not beyond possibility as there were many Japanese aircraft left in Korea at wars end, with photographic evidence some being pressed into service with the North and South. I based the colour scheme on the North Korean Tachikawa Ki-54 that was captured probably at Pyongyang.


The kit itself is showing it's age, although it's not that bad. I only had trouble with the fit of the windscreen which too some mucking about. The mix of raised and engraved surface detail is accurate and quite nice. Humbrol Matt 27 steel and Tamiya Khaki drab are the main colours, sealed with some future with an oil filter of white and yellow applied. I added to that with different coloured pastels, MiG pigment and a black chalk wash for the under surface. I yellowed out the canopy with a make up brush and Tamiya weathering pigments. Decals came from some MiG 15 decal sheets.


The base is the case of an old clock, glued together and painted with a cheapie rattle can of black. The dirt is grout left over from bathroom repairs, spread around over the base then flooded with water from an eyedropper and left to harden.  I added some MiniNature grass tufts and couple things from the spare box to fill a hole.















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looks cool Brad. Really hard to make a monotone scheme look interesting. I think you've done a great job!


Cheers Bevan

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Great work Brad. Interesting scheme.. I wonder if it is still in service :)


Base is fantastic.



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