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1:32 Hasegawa Bf109 G-2 Finnish Air Force

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Hasegawa's 32nd scale Bf109 modelled as a Finnish Air Force G-2 for Geoff Coughlin's website.  Thanks to Geoff for sourcing the kit, Mika Heikkila for conversations about FAF 109s, and Mal Mayfield for cutting the custom paint masks.  Build should be up in a few days...
















Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.



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V nice indeed, just the right amount of weathering & superb rivet lines

Does your first pic imply that you riveted with a punch-wheel or individually with the punch?

Did you tape down the steel rule/guide or free-hand it? Rivets are still a bit of a learning curve for me...

Thanks for posting

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Hello ophthoidoug.  I used Radu Brinzan's Rivet-R pounce wheel tool to add the rivets.  Great little tool that comes with different wheels for different teeth spacings.  I prefer it to some of the other offerings as it leaves a hole rather than a square-edged slot.  I followed in places with the metal pin in areas that I couldn't reach with the wheel.  The steel rule is a broken piece of a carpenter's retractable measuring tape - nice and flexible with a good crisp edge.  It was simply held in place by hand - no tape used.


As for a learning curve, I find that rescaling plans so that you can use a set of dividers to simply measure/transfer the measurement directly from the plan to the plastic helps to speed things up.  It also helps to get reliable measurements when working with mating/matching parts like the fuselage halves.  Measure start and end of a rivet line from the plan.  Mark the points on the plastic.  Join the marks with a flexibel guide.  Roll on the rivets.  Hope this helps.  Cheers, Ralph.

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