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1/32 HPH Models Ohka Model 11

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Struggling with some loss of mojo, distractions, work, stalled projects, lack of focus AND inspiration, I decided to give the Ohka a whirl.

Right off the bat I decided to 3D print the nose charge and display in next to the Ohka, as seen in many pics.


Like so:




Here's the first render:








I found a drawing with measurements. Pretty convenient:




And the first parts cleanup:




No shrinkage on the fuse:



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With these resin kits, most work goes into making seams disappear, describing lost panel lines in the progress and some re-riveting.

So far all is going well. The fuse is closed. Tail is on. Working on control surfaces and dolly now.

Also found an Ultracast yellow (well he is!!) figure in the stash.






The figure should look a little something like this:



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You already said it: lots of PE in this kit - that's quite a comprehensive PE fret shown there.

Do you need to fold the little thingies just below and rear of the cockpit too?

YES George!

Very very fiddly, but it's done!


Here's the cart all painted up and weathered:



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