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Fw 190F-8, 5./SG 77, "Black 11" (1/32 Hasegawa)


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I came across this profile while browsing Claes Sundin's website:




Pretty much moved to the top of the must do list as soon as I saw it!  Not sure how much aftermarket I'll use outside of HGW seatbelts.  North Star has just released some new 190 wheels in 1/32 so I might check those out since the kit wheels are just so-so.  The centerpiece of the aftermarket will be the Schatton-Modellbau Panzerschreck tubes that mount under the wings, should look pretty impressive! 




Markings will be done with masks and decals from the spares box.

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That is awesome! ...... I just purchased two sets of the 1/32 Fw 190 wheels from North Star, the smooth and treaded tires.  You will like them, wheels and tires are all casted separate and does require some assembly time but will make painting the tire and wheel a breeze as these can be done separately.

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what he said!


this must be one of the few afternarket bits that hasn't been done yet - or so i thought!


how do they attach though??


Nick, I'm assuming that rack mount goes in one of the ETC 50 slots, that's just a guess though.

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where did you get those Schatton-Modellbau Panzerschreck tubes?


Rick see the post about this in modeling discussion or just Google Schatton-Modellbau.  You can purchase direct from them.

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you have probably seen this, but FalkeEins' blog is pretty good and he does some great research





pics from his blog


does your aircraft only have 2 pshreks on each wing, rather than 4 - or am i misinterpreting the pictures??













hope these help



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