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Zoukei-mura Horten Ho 229

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I've pretty much been in the modelling doldrums for a few months.


The old story is to build something OOB, with no resin or the usual stuff we sometimes aimlessly add. That was my aim, so I had to build a model that looked great OOB, and one I wouldn't be tempted into adding stuff as I went. There was only one option for me: ZM's Horten Ho 229 kit. 


This kit is the dog's danglies. First of all, it's an engineering marvel. It looks complicated, but it actually fairly simple. It also fits so precisely that you have to build it to experience it. An amazing model of an amazing subject. It has it all....detailed engines, full interior, great cockpit. I even used the moulded seatbelts as it wouldn't have been any real improvement in adding any other.


This is finished off in the fictitious colours of a Bavarian State Luftwaffe machine, working with the Allies against the remainder of Nazi Germany. The chequerboard Royal Bavarian colours and Imperial German markings signify that it isn't flown by Nazi Germany.


Watch out for this one in Military Illustrated Modeller, published in a few weeks. Not one of my best efforts, but I'm happy with it, and it served its purpose.















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Hi James, nicely done ! The wave camouflage demarcation on the leading edge really looks great   :thumbsup2:


I quite often see a large gap between the wing root and the fuselage on a lot of these kits when they're built up. Is this a fit issue with this kit ?




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Spectacular job, me likey.


Was the BS(L) entirely your idea, or has there ever been some rumour of late-warrishness to such an airpower?



No, that was just a bullshit idea to use as an excuse to paint lots of Bavarian colours ;)

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