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Two more Manufacturers, and their products, have landed at Arrow Wolf !!


This is exciting news for Arrow Wolf!   Early on in the plans for Arrow Wolf there were a number of manufacturers' names we wanted to see on a wish list and therefore, it follows,  their products in the inventory. Well, after some hard work, some generosity of others and one spectacularly long Long shot we've managed to add two of those we wanted; namely MISTERKIT and JH MODELS.



We've known for some time that MISTERKIT is the acknowledged manufacturer of the most historically accurate colours of World War One aircraft.   Aircraft flown by German, British, Italian, Austro-Hungarian and US air forces often sported vibrant and vivid colour schemes and these are all catered for by MisterKit with their range of acrylic paints.   With the blessing of the official UK importer and distributor we were able to source these wonderful paints directly from Italy and now have a hand-picked selection of their range available for you on the site. We are hugely excited and pleased about this as, with the current epidemic of WW1 aircraft building thanks to Roden and Wingnut Wings, we have another product that, for its genre, is the very best around.




The next is JH Models. JH Models produce an ingenious wooden work stand for aircraft of 1:48th scale right up to 1:24th scale and are ideal for working on your model whilst raised up from the work-bench and therefore less likely to be damaged. The ability to work on the underside of an aircraft model without much risk of damage is not to be underestimated! They also act as an ideal stand whilst airbrushing too and for transporting your model securely from place to place (modelling exhibitions and the like).


The stands are available in two versions, one for mono-planes and the other for, you guessed it, bi-planes. The stands are laser cut from ply and consist of a base and four uprights.  Each upright can be adjusted vertically and, in the case of horizontal adjustment, any distance away from the central point of the base. The uprights are laser etched with calibrated millimetre markings to aid in alignment and (in respect of the bi-plane version) degrees to attain the wing’s correct “angle of attack”.



How I managed to track them down is a long story but, I think, exhibits the benefits of having friends elsewhere in the world who share a common interest. I knew these stands were on sale in Holland and in the USA but, for the life of me I couldn't find a website nor contact details for JH Models; despite countless hours of internet searching.

So, there I was mooching around LSP (where Arrow Wolf is also a sponsor) when I spotted a work in progress picture of an aircraft sitting on one of JH Models’ stands; as I knew the modeller I dropped him a line asking when and where he had bought the stand.  He’d bought it some years ago, apparently, from a well known retailer in the USA.  Exasperated, and taking a phenomenal long shot, I asked whether he still had the wrapping; (yes I know, he’d had the stand for years but …) and would you believe it? He had the wrapping in a drawer and, the best news possible, it had an email address printed on it.  


Viola !!   Thanks Brian!! You ended months of frustration and we now have a superb product to offer.



Lastly, we've also just received a small consignment of RB Productions' 1:32nd Scale Propeller Masks.    As you all know, Radu is quite ingenious himself and has produced this super mask - as reviewed by our very own James H - to help achieve that laminated look on a wooden propeller. Very nice too :-



*** UPDATE - When I say small, I now mean most have now been sold and there's only one propeller mask left!! - UPDATE *** 




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