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AERO Line Plusmodel 1/48 BAC Lightning pilot


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AL 4058 

1/48 Pilot figure for BAC Lightning

Available for $11.30 or Eur7,90 from Plusmodel




The blister pack contains one 1/48 resin figure of an English Electric / BAC Lightning pilot in 1960's flightgear.


This is how the figure looks when unpacked, a fine film of resin "flash" has to be removed.



Just breaking away the flash on both sides gives the following result, without me removing the last traces of mould lines:





It's evident that the figure is beautifully mastered and cast. It looks quite accurate too, except for one detail which I will highlight later. First have a look at the characterful face:




There are no written paint instructions or mention of what colors to use. What is provided is a nice color drawing of a Lightning pilot:




Comparing the torso of the pilot to the drawing and some period photos we can see the issue that I mentioned before: the life jacket is not going around the back of the pilot and the inflatable part looks to be too wide as on the shoulders of the figure.






Of course it doesn't have to be a deal breaker: The inflatable part of the life jacket can have it's corners softened with some use of a modeling knife or a file, the textile part around the back can easily be made from some putty that figure modelers use to make straps or pieces of textile. The rest of the details like the oxygen hoses look very good indeed!




At first I had some doubt on the accuracy of the flight helmet but it has a very good likeness to the Mk.1A flight helmet, only lacking in the widening of the sides for the earphones. The fact that the helmet isn't empty is also accurate, since the Mk.1A was used together with a cloth inner helmet.








All in all HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with only the tasks to paint or model the back part of the life jacket and the slight bulges on the sides of the helmet if the modeler wants.


I'd like to thank Plusmodel for providing LSM with the review sample!


A shot of another two RAF pilots. Slightly different gear since they are bomber pilots on the Canberra:


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