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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hi Gents,




Yes. 100% agreed George. Sperry-BT is a nice piece of tech. A 1/10 would be highly welcomed. Good idea.


HKM designed a fantastic "base" for enthusiasts. I will only improve the bits of tubing proposed in the box.


Masking are from Eduard, quick'n cool.




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Thanks gentlemen.


Ballz....  :rolleyes:  hairy balls....  :huh:


Is Freud member of LSM ? Sigmund if you get that one...


Update on the...........thing.


After the chipping with chipping fluid, additionial details made dry-brushed with new Ammo metal acrylics. Working good, acting like "silver wax" and buffable. For the turret in general, final stage of the metal rendering on the Sperry. Pin-washing is to come. No clear coat applied on the planetory shaped double gun habitacle.

Barrels are oob and painted seperately for easy removal...











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A great start to what will be a fantastic project I'm sure!


Don't make the classic error and paint your B-17 insides 'Interior Green' - B-17s were never painted in this way. The majority of the aircraft was natural metal inside, with the exception of the flightdeck which was painted Dark Dull Green - NOT Interior Green. The tail, waist, radio room (with the exception of bulkheads which were DDG) bomb bay and nose were all unpainted. The flightdeck often retained some olive green padding on the sidewalls but all other areas in this area were DDG. 


Floors were also rarely natural wood - more often than not they had a rubber anti-slip surface which was black.


Thought you might like this information before you progressed too much further.



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Hello guys,


Latest updates on the B17. Decided to get the 4 engines set, Master barrels and HGW seat-belts. So it's no longer OOB.


Gear bays are 90% done :










Main gear legs : I wanted first to build them oob, but plastic pipes are not reliable and broke. Moved along with a paint-striping and replacing the pipes details :








That's for now folks...




Thanks for checking in !


Cheers, Laurent. 

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Hi people,


Latest update, main gear and rear wheel are on their way to completion. One of the two is completed and now time to finish the triplets.


Weathering system is based on overlapping filters/washes/pigments. Bits of buffable silver "dry-brushing". Tamiya paints.


Pics :












Thanks for checking in,



Laurent. ;)

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