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WIP - 1/35 MRC AH-1W Supercobra

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Last November, I got to spent some time in the gunner's compartment of a friggin' Hind.




Thus started an itch to build, as Arnold would say, a "choppa". 


'Course, the Hind is big and scary, even in 1/72, much less in 1/35, so I'm planning to start off with something more manageable - and, it so happens, my favorite of the attack helicopters, the USMC's AH-1W Supercobra.


Posted Image


The modern "naptime gray" scheme adopted after Desert Storm is, well, meh. So I'll be doing my 1/35 weedwhacker as a battered Desert Storm cobra. A good experiment for weathering!




A first rough test-fit shows a promising kit that is still, nevertheless, well outside my wheelhouse!



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Looking forward to watching this, Doogs. Like the others, I've never watched a helo WIP.


The only time I've seen a Supercobra was on a beach holiday in Ocracoke, NC. It must have been some training flights from Camp Lejeune (?). My wife wondered why a news helicopter was going so fast. "Umm, I'm not sure that was a camera hanging off the front. It does shoot, though..."



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