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AEG Shark Mouth in Hangar


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Since I've been toying with this display anyway, why not make it official?

Late AEG G.IV with the famous shark face, posed in a small hangar like the one in the photos below but probably without bomb damage. Build will use the following on the AEG, and other items are all yet to be determined.

  • Aviattic night bomber lozenge
  • Aviattic wheels
  • Gaspatch Parabellums - two, no rear-upper gun on this night bomber
  • Gaspatch and Albion Alloys turnbuckles - my first time ever using turnbuckles, I'll be experimenting with both to determine which I prefer using, will be interesting as Gaspatch ones look far too big to scale for my eyes.
  • Gaspatch Anemometer
  • EZ Line for rigging

The AEG has been started as you'll see below. I'm off to go with on blending in the rib stitching and hopefully start painting the fuse today.The commanders seat was modified to be shown stowed away. For the most part, the wash I've been using is an acrylic Games Workshop wash. The acrylic nature has it a bit thicker than an enamel or oil wash which means it's not soaking into unsealed flat paint and has helped me complete the interior quicker in the little time I've had for hobbies lately.











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Cheers Jeroen, I have two lates and an early. I'm planning to convert the 2nd late to the G.IVk heavy-armour version and the early to the G.IVb with the longer wingspan and 1,000kg bomb :D


This photo represents a test of base colors for Aviattic's night lozenge and the lozenge printed on white decal paper. Comparing to wartime photos, the lozenge looks superb as-is and over a base of white paint but not quite dark enough for what I'm wanting to do on this build. The AEG on display in Ottawa is much darker with the lozenge, hence this test. To my eyes, a blue-ish grey darker than xf83 and lighter than xf18 will be what I'm using for the base coat.




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