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Fokker D VII F "Berlin Bear"

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What a stunning model! When I first started looking at her I was wondering what scale it was, when I found out I was really amazed. Great work!

I am building a 1/3 scale model of the same aero plane. I am trying to find out what the logo is on the Hiene prop on your model as mine will have the same propellor. I have read in places that Hiene did not have a logo untill some time after the war. It looks like that was in error looking at your D.VII-F



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Congratulations, you nailed the Fokker. The propeller looks like real wood and the worn finish of the DVII is perfect.

As been born in Berlin there is one question left. Are you sure that this is a Berliner Bär Logo? It looks more like a lion, although the red tongue is very typical for a Berliner Bär.

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