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Another Corsair, Daphne C No. 7 flown by James Cupp

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By the way of introducing myself I wanted to show the mighty F4U I built some time ago.


When I was young I was building all the MatchboxAirfixRevellandevensomeTamiya stuff. About thirty years later I decided to reenter the Hobby because I found it really relaxing to give my best in Modelling after hard days at work.

I'm not fixed on special subjects, so I do Airplanes as well as Armour and even some Steampunk and Science Fiction Stuff and Figures and there is no special era which I prefer. A Subject has to be of some fascination esthetically, in a technical way, or just be the perfect Subject to learn new techniques. 

Most of the times I loose interest when a kit is finished, it is more the building, painting and weathering I'm in for.


Actually Im not building because I'm moving from Germany (You already guessed that English is not my Mother Language) to Spain and not only my Modelling stuff is in a Container somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.


The Corsair attracted me by it's look of grace and sheer power an I liked the Early war colors of the bird.It was the third Modell of my new career and there were some goals to achive and techniques I wanted to give a try.

I wanted to go multimedia and added a lot of AM so that there would be no excuse for fails.


KIt: Tamiyas 1/32 Birdcage Corsair an excellent Kit

AM: Not really needed except for the wheels

- Brassin Cockpit, excellent, but not much of the work will be seen. Lots of scraping and grinding was necessary to fit the cockpit into the fuselage

- Brassin Engine, excellent, but I had my Issues later to be mentioned

- Eduard PE and Placards

- Maketar Masks, I didn't want to Use the Decals for Insignia, Numbers and Walking lines.

- SAC Metal Landing Gear, nice but definitely not a must

- Brassin wheels as mentioned

- Lifecolor and Tamiya Colors, I like to work with Lifecolor in my Airbrush, less sputtering then other brands


So there she is. Don't judge to hard on the bird and on my photo-skills, both are on their way of improving.

Still on the Bench:


And finished:


For sentimental reason I will stress the engine theme a little.

I loved the build of the Brassin-Engine a lot, it was tempting an satisfying an was a first for me handling huge amounts of resin and metal parts.

There were some really upturning Moments in that period of the build. I used blue Micro Mask to mask off the Aluminium areas of the Cylinders and spraying the black air guiding parts. I will never use that stuff again, because it sticks like hell and is nearly impossible to remove, but the worst was yet to come. I decided that I want to show the engine details through removable cowlings. I failed after different attempts first using the Kit plastic parts (even thinned), second using the Brassin cowlings and at last bending and soldering PE-cowlings.

But it was impossible to get a god fit and just snap lock the parts, so I ended the nightmare gluing everything closed.

One more thing I learned was that it is better to do the wiring by yourself, then using PE ones which always look a little to flat (like the great build of DannyVM).


I hope you enjoyed the ride


Greetings Rob

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The engine work looks really nice.

How did you attain the result of getting the mud to stick in the tyre treads? What did you use to paint them? I really like that cruciform Firestone tread pattern.




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Hi David,

The wheels are made by Eduard (Brassin). They are painted with  Tyre Black (UA 733) from the outstanding Shades of Black-Set made by Lifecolor. In my opinion nearly nothing looks really black in scale modelling and that is where this set comes in handy. These Lifecolor Acrylics spray very well, much better than ModelAir in my opinion.
The mud is just a little earth pigment and some matte varnish to fix it.

Cheers Rob

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Thanx coolbox, when you build such an almost perfect kit like the Tamiya Corsair that leaves a lot of headroom for painting and weathering.
The Brassin engine was a story of love and hate. It is not easy to build, lots of resin and PE parts and in the end it didn't fit under openable cowls, but lessons learned. I will be more decisive now, if to open the easy way is not an option it s open or closed ;).
Anyway I'm looking forward to build more Brassin engines for my BF-109E and my FW-190 A8 but next time no PE-piping and wiring, it's just not the right deal.

Cheers Rob   

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