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F4U-1A National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola FL


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Hello Friends of the Whistling Death,


Some years ago i had the chance to take some Pictures of a F4U-1A flown by Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

I hope that might be of help to the many builders of that fascinating plane.


I hope you enjoyed the tour.


Greetings Rob

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Time for a little Striptease :) .

The F4U-4 is still in restoration. Two years ago, when I visited Yanks Air Museum in Chino California, she looked like this:


As you can see I did a lot of travelling to do my research, but I can assure you the Corsair was not the only reason.

Hopefully I could encourage one or the other to leave some panels open on their build.


Greetings Rob


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Fantastic photographs some of the detail in them is priceless, as I am in the process of trying to locate as much info on the F4U-1 so as to super-detail one of the 1/32 Tamiya Birdcage kits (last aircraft I put together was in the mid '60s as since then only autos have been of interest, but when I saw the Tamiya kit I was bowled over !!)


Although I have a great deal of data including two discs of construction and pilot notes, there are several areas that are still illusive. For instance I know that the engine cowls are attached using Dzus or similar fixings, but are the fixings actually attached to the cowls or to the flanges formed into the body that support the cowls, ie would there be visible holes in the cowls themselves or in the flanges ? I presume from the photographs that the fixings are part of the cowls so that the support flanges would need to be drilled ?


Once again, fantastic photographs, superb building data !!!




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Thanx Gentleman,


@Blupigracing: I'm not sure if I can be of any help on your Issue concerning the Dzus (never heard of these before) connectors.

I will add two of the pictres above in their original size, so maybe through zooming in, more detail about the connection could be provided.

My Reference material is still in a container and will arrive in the beginning of 2017.

On the pictures the larger looking things with a slit in the head should be the Dzus and I think they connect the cowling with frame parts below.


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