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Aviatik (Berg) D. I at War! - Windsock Datafile n.º 171


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Aviatik (Berg) D.I at War!
By Paolo Varriale
Centenary datafile 171

Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/





The Aviatik (berg) D.I is one of my favourite WWI fighter so I was quite lease when this datafile was release.

And the time is perfect as HpH announce that their next release will be the Aviatik D.I in 1:32.


With 36 pages on gloss paper of which at first glance has the typical structure and winner receipt of the previous datafiles.

I really like Datafile covers and this one is no exception despite being a dramatic one.


The painting of Roberto Zanella show the last victory of Oberleutnant Bela Macourek off Punta d'Ostro on the Albanian coast.


The 66 wing DH4 (with crew Lt. Archibald Francis Hodgskin and Lt. Ronald Baynton Picken) plunge to the sea on 6 September 1918.

As usual, on the back on the cover, 3 beautiful profiles being the 38.63 my favourite.



I'm always fascinated with the beginning of all and this one, specialty being one of my favourite, is amazing.

I really like all the history behind it and the way the history is told.

All the Aviattik D.I are here so after the prototype, the 185-hp aircraft - series 38, 48, 84 and 201 follow by the 200-hp aircraft - series 138, 184, 92, 101, 115 (a more powerful engine developed by Austro-Daimler, made under the supervision of technical director Ferdinand Porsche)  are well study and the author gives us a close view and pilots perspective.


However the chance to the 160-hp Aircraft - series 238, 248,284 is very well explain and all the chance that it had implied on the aircraft frame and structure.


The "fight" between engine manufacture is quite interesting. Austro-Daimler also introduce a 225-hp Aircraft - série 338,348, 384 and 315.

The pictures are fantastic, with a good quality and full of history.









Then my favorite chapter of all datafiles: "at the front"

This chapter tells us several episodes of the war with the Aviatik D.I, pilots reports, aerial battles etc.








Colours and Markings, key to colour plate and Aviatik D.I survivors are a great add to all modellers that want to tackle this suject.


The drawings are, as usual great with different radiator and with different profiles.




At the end more six profiles from Ronny Bar. As good as it gets.






Windsock just did it again. What a fantastic book for historians and for modeler, with great pics with amazing quality and very inspirational.

Now we have the news that the regular edition of the Datafiles and Windsock Internacional will stop for now, and if there anyone who needs a little break is with no doubt, Ray Rimmel that from the past 30 years have being made a tremendous and fantastic work in the WWI study.


This datafile is no exception: Worth every penny.


Very Highly recommend.

My sincere thanks to Ray Rimmel and Windsock for the opportunity and the review sample.



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