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1:32 Gotha Bomber German Crew n.º 2

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1:32 Gotha Bomber German Crew


Copper State Models

Catalogue n.º F32-016

Price tag: €30.25







Cooper State Models is firmed name in World War I, being quite proficua in the release of several WWI figures (crew and pilots).


They already release a Gothat Crew (our review here), now they release a Gotha Crew in action.


I not a fan of action crew figures to aircfrat but its an entire personal opinion and I know that several modelers really like those style of figures.


So let´s take a quick look to this new Gotha in action crew.


This set came in the usual small and sturdy box wrapped in bubbles





There`s no assembly instructions and no decals for any of the figures.

This single set is quite simple nonetheless the 3 figures.


I already had the honor to review several figures from CSM and I can say for sure that the construction of each is one of the best I ever seen in resin figures, being almost done with a little cleaning and perfect fitting.


The resin is in medium/light gray like the others previous releases.











All the 3 figures comes with the one piece body and legs in one very nicely cast piece and with a separate head and arms. In sum, 4 pieces with separate arms and head and one piece for torso and legs just like the previous Gotha crew.























The jacket leather looks quite realistic, you just can smell the leather.


Although the face is partially hidden behind the scarf and helmet, still conveys an expression of concentration.


The position and body expression for all the figures are really good. This is quite important in all figures but the “in action” ones this take particularly importance as when we look to these figures you need to have/fell the sense of movement.

That felling/sensation of movement its present on these figures, because they are very well sculpted.

To help all that, the cloths details is at the level of all previous figures I have seen it in flesh from other reviews that I made of CSM stuff, and its top quality


The main thing that is different from the previous Gotha crew, besides the body posture, was the crew helmet.


The early crew set had the typical imperial German safety helmet, which is the most likely used by German bomber crews.

This set, CSM decided to chance that and all the crew have lighter weight soft shells helmet.

This is also accurate but not usual.

The bomber crew were more use to the hard safety helmet - Cfr windsock Autumn issue- chapter helmets- pag. 14.








Quality is really the middle name of CSM. The castings amd resin quality are top noch.

Apart of that, the details are exquisite at all levels, very well done with incredible details.

The facial expression and details (like eyes and mustache) are very well worked out and very convincing along with the body postures.

The resin chunks are very easy to remove and the build is quite straightforward as all other CSM figures.


My only reservation is a quite personal one: I don’t like in flight action crew for aircraft as I can`t sort them out in a static diorama as much as I tried. But its my personal view.




        Highly recommended.



          My sincerely thanks to Edgar from Copper State Models for the review samples.





 (You can buy directly here  and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller)



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