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The second kit of my summer '16 start with hopes to finish by 7 Dec for 75 anniversary.  Pearl Harbor P36, P40B, A6M2b. Life hit the fan and bench time kept to minimum.  My wrecked knee kept me from working at bench as it's 36" (91cm) high and I stand to do my work. 



Tamiya's very nice A6M2b will be base kit for my Pearl Harbor subject.



IJNAF pilot Shigenori Nishikaichi's A6M2b "B11-120" will be the subject.  I've always been fascinated about the story of the "Niihau Incident".  Nishikaichi crash landed his aircraft after receiving damage during the second wave attack at Pearl Harbor.  The events that followed for the next 6 days is nothing short of epic.  Moral of the story, "Don't mess with the Big Kahuna".  Nishikaichi was based on the carrier Hiryu.



After crash landing on the island of Niihau Nishikaichi set his aircraft afire.  This photo was taken 17 December, 1941.  Fire damage is visible and well as some parts already scavenged.   This aircraft is now on display at The Pacific Aviation Museum at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor.



Ejector sink marks removed with putty and sanding pen.



Following primer of Gunze 1500 Black I applied Gunze 127 Interior for cockpit area and tub assembly.



Moving forward to detail paint and Aotake finish applied with mix of Tamiya clears (11 parts X19 Smoke, 10 parts X23 Blue, 1 part X25 Green).  Heavily thinned then a few passes on a silver base af Alclad Aluminum.



IP complete using kit decals and clear lenses.

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Darn you Rick...


Start out looking at a Zero build, end up spending 15 minutes reading about a micro uprising on a little Hawaiian Island, which then somehow morphed into tweets from George Takei! There goes this afternoon's allotted modelling time...



On the upside you learned something new.  For me, any day I learn something I remind myself it was worth waking up that morning..


Can't wait to see this, nice start Rick.

Cheers!  I too, am looking forward to this.  :)

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RB seatbelts done.  These are the best textile belts I have ever used.  No need to stain or wash as substrate is colored.  Just some gloss applied for leather look and boom!  Done.



Ready for assembly

Cockpit all buttoned up.






Fuselage buttoned up.  Spine and tail dry-fitted.  Now on to the engine.

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